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Your offer provably fair? I ask you to be fair.


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I understand gaming psychology as well as statistics  and I am ok with losing when it's fair. At this point, you understand where it goes. Yes , at the end, I lost but am I completely responsible? Not in my opinion. It is so easy to say that internet connection must be stable when you loose connection. But indeed, my connection is very stable and I am the only one using it, so how does it come that in the  same game within a couple of hours, I lost 4/5 time connection with the game and of course always when I have a position, absolutely never when I am out? Coincidence?  The more you have coincidence, the less they really are and coincidence like this, I have a some!

What about those perpetual messages and rewards popping up on your screen if not a way to distract? How can you be concentrated even though you made the best to  stay focus? What about those delays when entering or willing to get out of your position? I don't count the times I was ejected and lost the game just because of this issue? Oh yes, my internet connection of course.... 🙄

It is so nice to offer 100% - 180% BONUS when you add money on your account, but those bonuses are just stuck there until you are able to free them out by playing and made sure those bonuses will be so hard to finally grab them. This is so mean practices and is called  "misleading advertising "!

Now, let's speak probability. Getting out at 1.5 points at crash  gives you 66% chances and at 1.8 points 55% chance,  but when it crashes 6 to 8 times in a row below 1.8 (I noted also 12 times in a raw below 2, how do you come to 55% chances? It is near  ZERO% chances! 

Now, how do I delete this account?

And please,  let free and give me my bonuses like it normally should be and I will not be considering this platform like a total scam <-- which at least will give me peace of mind and not having to think for I don't now how long that I've been fucked. <-- at least this would be fair. 

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